Headquartered in Madison, Alabama, Byrrd Enterprises is the premier distributor in the Professional Military Reading and Digital Media niche. Byrrd puts books and software in the hands of American service-members where and when they need them. The company supplies products to Military Clothing & Sales Stores on Army posts and Air Force bases worldwide.


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The Transitioning Military Series

Exercise and Physical Fitness

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NEW! OPFOR Smartbook: Chinese Military
NEW! OPFOR Smartbook: North Korean Military
NEW! Irregular Scout Team One
NEW! Lessons Learned: Squad Leader
NEW! Tactical Leader’s Guide for Combat Operations
NEW! The Ultimate Counseling Guide
NEW! SERE Survival Handbook
Art of War – Organized for Decision Making
Battlestaff NCO Handbook: Lessons and Best Practices
Cadance: Not for the Weak or Fainthearted
The First 100 Days of Platoon Leadership
Lessons Learned: Army Recruiting
Lesssons Learned: Coaching and Counseling
Lessons Learned: Battalion/Brigade Staff
Lessons Learned: Tactical Combate Casutaly Care
Mastering Army Boards
Mastering SGT Audie Murphy & SGT Morales Boards
MDMP Handbook: Lesssons and Best Pratices
Ranger Medic Handbook
Ranger School: No Excuse Leadership
Smoking the Board
Soldier for Life
The Trainer: A Training Guide for All Ranks
Warbot 1.0